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America's young people are its most precious natural resource. This is why, for many years, Exchange has sponsored an impressive selection of activities designed to benefit and encourage our nation's youth. Not surprising, many of these richly rewarding programs are among the most popular and well supported of all Exchange Club endeavors.

Exchange's youth projects include:

Accepting the Challenge of Excellence (A.C.E.) Award Program

They are the unlikely heroes. The ones that you might think just wouldn't make it in school or in life, those that have had circumstances in their lives that have made it hard for them to succeed. Despite the odds somehow, somewhere they catch a glimpse of light that changes the trajectory of their lives. This program honors these students. Once a year the A.C.E program awards students from local high schools that have exhibited excellence in turning their academic and  personal lives around after being faced with significant challenges. The winner at the club level has a chance to be recognized further at both the district and national Exchange levels with increasing monetary scholarships. Administering this program requires contacting local high school by phone and mail, receiving and evaluating applications and selecting and presenting winners.

Youth of the Month/Year Program

These are the heroes, the movers and shakers of tomorrow that we are recognizing today. This program highlights outstanding local students. Awards and plaques are presented monthly with the Youth of the Year being selected from the monthly winners. The club also submits two individuals for recognition at the district level. These students have
the opportunity to be selected as winners at the national Exchange Club level. As in the A.C.E. award there are scholarships given at each level. Administering this program require contacting local high schools, evaluating application, and arranging presentations for the winners.

Children’s Easter Egg Hunt

600 pounds of chocolate eggs, a green lawn, and 1000 screaming kids. It's one of the longest standing community events in Walla Walla and it's the Walla Walla Exchange Club's Children's Easter Egg Hunt.  It's like clockwork. It happens on the Saturday before Easter every year. Community children ages 1-10 turn out in droves to gather the illusive eggs. Special guest include Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny, members of the Walla Walla Fire Department, KUJ Radio and the Community Bank Ducky Derby Duck.

Girls’ Softball Sponsor

Babe Ruth Baseball Sponsor

The Exchange Club is as American as baseball and apple pie. That is why we sponsor several baseball teams through the summer playing season. It's tradition, it's community, and it's important to use to develop our youth.

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